Our approach to each client's needs is filling the gaps instead of overlapping - with better design, strategy, and technology intersecting to redefine customer experiences.

OMNI shop by VMC
brand identity

When launching OMNI Shop, the client’s focuses were not only Branding but also the Design Language of the platform - which were both fully deliver by Wi Studio’s works on the Branding & UX Strategies.

Arena Multimedia Key Visual 2021

As the market and audience are changing everyday, so is the branding and communication theme of the business. The Key Visual that Wi Studio provided was not only focused on effective brand communication, but also on fullfilling the insight of audience groups of the year.

SEONGON Agency Rebranding

As a 9 year-old local Digital Agency with impressive portfolio, SEONGON had a firm brandname yet was growing dull as the market’s been changing rapidly. Wi Studio had provided a new Brand Strategy that could help the client show off their experience, expertises and the ability to compete with current market speed.

Neuron Agency
Brand Identity

The math that Neuron brought to Wi Studio was to deliver a Brand Identity and Website that could deliver their digital-expert vibe to their clients. What Wi provided was not just a beautiful branding design, but also functional on both terms of website front-end and back-end.

Wi Studio Grand Logo

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